Fabric Flowers you say… I think I will!

I’M GETTING MARRIED!!! Is there a better excuse to start making stuff!?! The answer is no. Lets start with flowers… all sorts of flowers….

I have been perusing the internets over the last few weeks trying to figure out what I should do about flowers and decor. One short phone call to a florist sent me into brainstorm mode for some easier, more personal alternatives to fresh flowers.

I looked over the images I pulled, found a few tutorials, gathered my growing accumulation of craft supplies and went to flower-town this weekend. I started with felt & finishings…

Each of these was really easy to make with some wire stems, felt, buttons, ribbon and hot glue. Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than hot glue (although I do tend to burn myself regularly… the price of pretty I guess.)

Next I tried burlap flowers based on an awesome tutorial video from La Belle Bride. It takes some fancy fingers but it ends up looking really great… even on a first try!

The same technique worked equally as well with all types of flowers… endless options with no expiration date! Perfect!

And finally… the crocheted flower. Definitely more time consuming but the texture is awesome and worth the trouble, in my opinion. (Patter found in this book.) So far I am only halfway done… but you get the idea…

When I finally finish the flower it will look something like this…


These flowers where made from whatever materials I happened to have laying around… so once I know what I will be making I will buy higher quality felt, fun finishing, more fabric choice and narrow down the colors. But I think I’m on the right track!

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