Yoga Mat Bag

So I did two things in one week… started yoga and bought a sewing machine. So obviously I needed to hone my sewing skills while making a yoga mat bag because everyone knows the best things about yoga is the accessories!

So I headed off to the fabric mecca, JoAnns Crafts, to gather supplies.

And this is what I came home with…

2 pieces of coordinating Home Decor fabric for bag, lining and pocket
Strap material
Drawstring and drawstring closure
Coordinating thread

Also needed…
Washable fabric pen
Scissors (I now use a rotary cutter, which I love… more on that later…)
36″ Ruler
Self-healing Cutting Mat

And after printing the instructions and pattern here I was quickly elbow deep in…

and my original idea of taking LOTS of pics along the way was quickly thwarted by my inability to remember to TAKE LOTS OF PICS ALONG THE WAY!

BUT… I can still give you a few tips based on what I learned!

  • Don’t be intimidated! If I can make this… you can!
  • Use home decor fabric. It’s much easier to use a heavy fabric than it is to add interfacing for additional strength. AND decor fabric usually has really great pattern & print options! *TIP: It also seems to be on sale about every-other week at JoAnns… so keep your eye out!
  • The hardest part is sewing the round bottom panel (luckily you get to do this twice for practice). *TIP: Keep the round panel flat to the table and let the bag portion pool from above. This makes it SO much easier to sew around evenly and avoid fabric overlapping.
  • Pinning is tedious and annoying… but makes things MUCH easier… so pin early and often!
  • Iron the heck out of everything… all the time. Not only does it make your project look WAY better in the process… but it makes it easier to keep the fabric lined up while sewing.
  • GET A ROTARY CUTTER!!! I wasn’t good at cutting with scissors in kindergarten… and I’m still terrible now. I bought this cutter and let me tell you, for straight cuts, it is my hero.
  • I added a drawstring closure, which wasn’t included in the tutorial so don’t be afraid to freestyle. *TIP: If you want to do the same add an extra inch to the hieght of the bag to accommodate the channel for the string.
  • I used strapping material rather than making a strap out of fabric (as the pattern suggests). I’m pretty sure it some type of plastic so if you decide to go this route as well… KEEP THE IRON CLEAT OF THE STRAP… I REPEAT… DO NOT IRON THE STRAP. Clearly I learned this the hard way… I think you can figure out the rest of this little story.

I’m really happy with the finished bag. I now have a really pretty place to store my only-used-for-a-week yoga mat. ***CONFESSION ALERT*** I haven’t been to yoga since… womp, womp. It seems it was just the catalyst that brought me and my new sewing machine together… and for that I will be ever grateful!

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